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Key points of injection mold maintenance

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As the most important production tool in injection molding factory, it determines the shape, specification, size and appearance smoothness of products. Generally speaking, the material of the mold is steel, which consists of the front mold/back mold.
As the mold has the characteristics of specificity, precision, vulnerability, etc., it is very important to protect the safety of the mold, which can be summarized as follows:
Rust prevention: prevent the mold of injection molding machine from rusting due to water leakage/condensation/rain/fingerprints.The blender injection mould in household appliances is often wet and should be protected against rust.
Anti-collision: prevent the mold from being damaged because the thimble is broken and not retreated into place.
Spike removal: to prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wiping/material punching/hand wiping/nozzle nipping/knife bumping.
Parts missing: to prevent the mold from being damaged during use due to the lack of parts such as tie rods/washers.
Anti-pressure: prevent the mold from being crushed due to the mold locking caused by the product remaining.
Under-voltage: prevent the die from being damaged by excessive low-voltage protection pressure.
Among them, the proportion of mold damage caused by thimble breakage, thimble failure, residual products and lack of accessories is high, and more than 85% of mold damage is caused by this reason, and the maintenance cost of mold is generally high, so how to avoid this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of injection molding industry.For example, the washing machine plastic mould should be protected when using , you can follow the above tips for maintenance.
Precautions for mold maintenance:
When disassembling the mold, avoid bumping and drenching, and move smoothly.
Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent.
Make a comprehensive inspection of the mold and carry out antirust treatment: carefully wipe away the moisture and sundries in the cavity, core, ejector mechanism and row position, and spray the mold antirust agent and apply butter.
In the continuous working process of the mold, it is easy to cause wear of parts, deterioration of lubricant, water leakage, crush of plastic materials and other problems during the movement, so it is necessary to maintain the mold.
Daily maintenance of molds generally includes the following aspects:
Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, core, etc.)
Refill lubricant regularly (ejection mechanism, line position, etc.)
Replace easily worn parts (tie rods, bolts, etc.) regularly.
For the maintenance of the lower mold, after the mold is removed by professional maintenance personnel, the cavity and thimble of the mold should be professionally tested and protected.
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