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What is plastic molding and mold technology?

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Plastic mold technology, also known as plastic molding technology, is a process that has existed since 1872, that is, the process of creating and manufacturing plastic parts by injecting molten materials into plastic molds.

The process of plastic forming technology is actually a multifaceted process. First, the part designer requires to design the required model or hires your supplier to design the model according to your requirements, and then the mold designer must propose a completely final mold design.

After a mold has been formed, it starts to manufacture the mold, such as drilling, CNC processing, EDM, polishing and the final step of manufacturing the mold is mold assembly. The real injection molding process can be started only after the whole thing is completed in mold manufacturing.

At the beginning of the forming process we call mold testing, it still takes a period of time and many mold trials from mold trial to mass production, because the first mold trial will more or less have some problems that need to be completed.

After two or three mold tests until the customer approves the sample, we can start mass production. This is a simple working procedure to explain how to obtain a perfect final plastic product from part design, mold design and mold manufacturing. Although plastic molding technology is not familiar to most people.

We all use this method to produce products. Automobile plastic parts, household appliances, furniture parts, electronic parts, packaging, daily necessities, etc.

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